You will get standard technical support for ClouDedic servers. We setup Operating Systems in minimal version on all our servers by default, and if you wish we can install Vestacp control panel, which includes nginx, apache, php, vsftpd, proftpd, exim, dovecot, spamassassin, clavav, named, iptables, fail2ban, mysql, postgresql, quota. If you require additional software or custom system tuning, project transfers, please write us.

Rules and agreements

All users that are using our services need to accept our rules. You accept our service rules each time you order service. Please take this step responsibly!

Disputes and claims, abuses

"Server blocked due to abuse" is a common reason for terminating your server. It can be copyright abuse, hacking, bruteforcing abuse, spamhaus abuse. Complaints can be various, however we are trying to meet the customer needs and are giving the opportunity to resolve the issue without turning off the server. If you due to some reasons don't agree with our actionsor have questions or complaints, you can feedback us directly from the contacts page.

Partner program (reseller program)

You can earn money on orders, made by your customers in 5-20% of the payment amount. - How? Very simple! Example: we activate for you a partner link, you can send it to your customers. A customer orders our service and you get 5-20% of his transactions until that customer uses our services. We have special conditions for resellers. We are taking on us all support and payment processing.

Loyalty program

We value every customer. For regular clients who is using our services for a certain period, we provide discounts, free upgrades, free support. We really want to create productive cooperation on both sides and continuously improve service quality, offering the best services in the field of web hosting and related services.


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